Hello world!

Thank you to Doc Mike Cadogan  for making me realise that it was high time to blog.

I will be blogging mainly about corporate value-creation by means of Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning.
KM seems to get lost in the weeds sometimes- or at least wind up being inscrutable to senior execs who have the task of driving a business, not trying to understand what social networking is or why they need a KM strategy.

This shouldn’t be the case because KM can be used to dominate a market niche and demonstrate Intellectual Capital that can inform investors and analysts as to the unique value proposition the company is making.

KM can be a lever that lifts the intangible asset value of a corporation and can be a multiplier when it comes to valuing a company.

That is my story, and by George, I am sticking to it!


Matthew Loxton is the director of Knowledge Management & Change Management at Mincom, and blogs on Knowledge Management. Matthew’s LinkedIn profile is on the web, and has an aggregation website at www.matthewloxton.com
Opinions are the author’s and not necessarily shared by Mincom, but they should be.



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