LinkedIn HR Forum Survey – “Candidate Lied on Resume Regarding Employment Status”

This survey measures opinions on a scenario with regards hiring and lies.

The survey results are anonymous and will be used by people in the LinkedIn HR forum as source material.
The survey is not done on behalf of any organization and the author has no conflict to declare.


2. Scenario


A candidate to whom you just sent an offer letter is subsequently found to have lied when she said she was still employed with her previous employer. 
She was in fact not employed at the time in question and she has admitted this subsequently and has mentioned that she was the sole bread winner for the family with three small children at home. She has actually been unemployed for seven months. 
She reports that her previous supervisor agreed to portray her as employed and agreed to state so during the reference call. He did just that, but then changed his story when asked if his supervisor was available to confirm the last day of employment.

Her references are good. All the other dates and credentials check out as valid. And the reason for the separation had nothing to do with poor performance. She says she’s sorry, but she just didn’t want her unemployed status to be a factor in the decision making process.
3 references were checked, came back glowing, and didn’t say she was no longer employed.

These are the only facts known to you




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