Free Management Help – Pro Bono Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, & IT Governance

I am looking for 2-3 organizations to whom I can donate some of my time and expertise.

Many people offer up time to hospitals and other worthy institutions and while I am sure that manning the gift-shop or providing directions to patients is both useful and beneficial, I am no good at using a cash-register and my sense of direction is probably best not put to the test in this way.

Instead, I am offering my professional skills in IT Governance, Management, and Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning – The general idea is that I can give access to experience, knowledge, and training for free that would normally cost around $150-185/hr.


The typical institution that I have helped in the past has been medical in nature, but the bottom line is that I am looking for places that have a good social story to tell and whose activities have a positive social effect.

What you get out of this

Free consulting and help on issues to do with management, deployment of volunteers, IT governance and policies, building of communities of practice, organizational development and training, knowledge management, and intellectual asset management.

I can help you draw up IT or training RFP’s for example, help you craft IT and Internet policies, and assist in formulating a Web2.0 approach. I can help you get better value from your SMEs and executives, and put in place a training and competency framework.

What I get out of it

I get the warm and fuzzy feeling from doing something socially beneficial and augment that magic triad of excelling at something, being passionate about it, and getting something other than financial rewards for it.
I also get to put my knowledge and expertise to work in a broader context than just an employer, and to spread knowledge management and organizational learning memes.

Maybe I also meet new people, make new friends, and add new stories to my life.

What to do

If your organization would like to take advantage of my offer you can contact me via LinkedIn, reply to this blog, or email me

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One Response to “Free Management Help – Pro Bono Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, & IT Governance”

  1. Sophie Says:

    Very generous offer, you rock Mat!

    Sophie Giamos, CHRM
    Linked HR: Job Center, Manager

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