Knowledge Management Climate Survey – Consulting Packages Available

Provision of Services

Organizations that wish to contract the services of the author to perform customization, deployment, and analysis of the Climate Survey can do so by contacting Matthew Loxton directly or via eLance.

Two standard work packages are available, as well as customized or bespoke projects

  • Basic Deployment Service ($1,200 USD)
    Benefits: Low-cost DIY approach for the budget-conscious but which provides a solid and tested instrument for measuring a baseline plus providing norm-based evidence that can be used to initiate and focus intervention measures. 

    Includes set-up of up to four groups or categories and delivers raw un-analyzed data in spread-sheet format as well as:

    • Design & Setup of categories
    • Design & Setup of collectors
    • Collection & Packaging of respondent data
  • Standard Analysis Package ($4,800 USD)
    Benefits: Provides an expert analysis ready for action that identifies specific action items and provides a skeleton action-plan for immediate use that includes both a Executive Overview and Management Plan that can be used as the basis for a budget request or business plan.
    Includes all of the above plus Deployment and Analysis given below. 

    • Deployment
      • Information session with Managers
      • eMail campaign to participating managers and staff
      • Qualitative interviews (5)
    • Analysis
      • Executive overview including highlight risk and opportunity areas
      • Analysis for Operational Managers
      • Operational analysis and recommendations
      • Action Plan

Bespoke or tailored packages can be built on request.

Concept Map



The questionnaire instrument is designed around a six-level KM Maturity Model that I built out from the basic CMMI model, and it highlights the climate in terms of internal drivers, environmental factors, and external contact.

The basic model looks like this:

  • Level 0 – Learned Incompetence
  • Level 1 – Awareness of Process
  • Level 2 – Repeatable Process
  • Level 3 – Defined Process
  • Level 4 – Managed Process
  • Level 5 – Optimized Process
  • Level 6 – Double-Loop Learning Process

As results are gathered across many organizations, the instrument will be refined – questions will be dropped if they seem to duplicate others in construct or show poor variance, and even though the average respondent took around ten minutes, we should try to reduce the number of items needed to get validity. I may also do a split-form version if some questions mirror each other closely.

The beta test was completed via Survey Monkey, and a 2nd Release Candidate is currently open for people to try out

This questionnaire also needs to be correlated against business and performance measures – the basic assumptions are:

  1. The BFI portion will show specific profile regularities over large numbers of respondents
  2. Organisations that score highly on learning and sharing measures will have lower turnover and higher profit per headcount than equitable organizations who score lower
  3. High measures on the trust and sharing items should predict both higher job satisfaction and performance
  4. High measures on external awareness and learning should predict higher CoP maturity
  5. High efficacy measures should also predict both higher job satisfaction and performance

Another basic premise is the same as I articulated in a Knowledge Management blog post some time ago – we already “Do KM”, the question is whether the way we do it enables us to achieve organizational goals or reduces our ability to achieve them. This questionnaire measures to a large extent, whether our KM behaviors and beliefs are congruent with positive outcomes.


The outcome of a survey with this tool will probably include various obvious gaps and inconsistencies, but we also need to offer a normative model of what the preferred profile would be.
Two possibilities:

  • A general or universal norm profile that matches all situations
  • Some kind of context-sensitive tool that builds the norm along the lines that the Sebenza tool by PIA did job profiles, or perhaps a manual hand-crafted norm profile

Suggested manual norms are provided for each item.

If you wish to participate in the testing, please just go to the RC-2 survey link, and if you would like to put a little budget into using this tool to help your organization put its knowledge assets to work, please contact me.


Matthew Loxton is a Knowledge Management expert and holds a Master’s degree in Knowledge Management from the University of Canberra. Mr. Loxton has extensive international experience and is currently available as a Knowledge Management consultant or as a permanent employee at an organization that wishes to put knowledge assets to work.

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  1. Mthokozisi Sidambe Says:

    I have referred to the material to structure my thinking and shape our orgnaisation’s KM-related outcome and indicators. Quite constructive and useful material. Keep up the hard work. Thanks.

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