QR Codes and You – A Match from Heaven or Just a Fad?

QR Codes are something you are going to enjoy getting used to – from booking seats for a concert to reading a business card, QR codes are a way to shorten the distance between you and something you want, and all for free via your smartphone.

This particular code takes your smartphone browser to my website, but then what were you expecting? – Tickets to the MOMA?

However, keep your eye open and your phone handy and you will see coupons, special deals, and concert tickets on QR codes splattered across bus-shelters, walls, and magazines.

A savvy person might even consider using them at work to link to instructions for the office printer, claim forms, or meetings.

Nielsen pegged the share of smartphones in the US at 31% as of the end of 2010, and has projected the share to climb over 50% this year.
The proportion is higher amongst technology workers and managers, and therefore provides a fertile space in which QR and bar-codes can be used as part of work environment where most staff will have their own readers.

Since many are already using this functionality to scan products, find coupons, and book tickets, it makes sense to put the same technology to work in providing information at work.

This can be done in two major ways

  1. Barcodes and QR codes that link a user to work-instructions, knowledge articles, or contextual information
  2. QR codes that link to an online user profile

The standard QR code can fit neatly on a business card, and can transport directly to a meaningful landing zone like a personal profile page that outlines business activity and contact details.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it!


Matthew Loxton is a Knowledge Management expert, holds a Master’s degree in Knowledge Management from the University of Canberra, and provides pro-bono consulting in Knowledge Management and IT Governance to various medical institutions.


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