About Matthew Loxton

Matthew Loxton is the former director of Knowledge Management & Change Management at Mincom, and blogs on Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning.

Matthew holds a Master’s degree in Knowledge Management from the University of Canberra, and has a background in building and running  global customer support organizations.

His interests include Knowledge Management (unsurprisingly), Organizational Learning, and Intellectual Asset Management, but also enjoys neuropsychology and evolutionary science – particularly where they intersect with Knowledge Management, as well as ways to “shamelessly borrow good ideas” like biomemetics and biomimicry.
Matthew gets passionate about human problem-solving and innovation, and how to use Knowledge Management to improve them.

Research interests at present lie in the confluence of Berne’s Game Theory & Transactional Analysis and Memetics, particularly as they pertain to Knowledge Management and viral behavior of ideas that jump from person to person to person.

Matthew volunteers private time at several non-profit medical organizations including SAMI and QEMRF

Matthew’s LinkedIn profile is on the web at http://www.linkedin.com/in/mloxton and his home page is at http://www.matthewloxton.com


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