Matthew Loxton


Management professional and expert in knowledge-centered customer support & service delivery that increases customer referenceability, revenue retention, product stickiness, and reduces cost of execution. Passionate about continuous improvement and knowledge management centered customer service delivery.


Master of Knowledge Management

Bachelor of Philosophy & Formal Logic, Information Science

Technical Diploma of Avionics & Electronics (Including Trade Certification)
Diploma of Management (Ongoing), ITIL (Ongoing)

Various IT product & technology courses, management and project management training.


  • Led North-American levels 1-3 support & maintenance team (35 direct reports) – reduced previously high attrition rate to 50% below industry norms, doubled productivity, and raised all KPIs and customer satisfaction indices while consistently staying below Opex budget of >$5M USD and exceeding EBITDA and revenue targets for extended support and bespoke development.
  • Implemented In-Source support teams in Latin America, and Outsourced teams in India and Indonesia, managed vendor relationships and established balanced-scorecard and other KPI systems and metrics including ISO9000 audits and compliance. This totaled over 100 staff in 3 countries and $4M budget.
  • Acted in the role of Customer Advocate and Situation Manager performing crisis-turnaround and project-rescue missions to bring disgruntled customers back to becoming testimonial referees and restarting multi-million dollar enterprise software and consulting deals.
  • Ran  knowledge-management programs that halved inductee ramp-up time, increased first-time fix rates, and put 57 customer-support managers and team leads through professional-development using government funding and an open-source learning management system saving over $500k in Capex and $256k in training costs.


Job Description


2005-now Customer Support Director (NAM), Director of Knowledge Management & Change Management (Global) Mincom
2004-2005 Customer-Support Manager Store Perform
1998-2003 Enterprise Support Manager Baan
1997-1998 IT Program Manager Mining & Industrials Dimension Data
1994-1997 IT Program Manager Mining, Healthcare, & Education Denel Informatics, Denel Mining
Prior 1994 Customer Support, Technical Support Unisys, Atlas Aircraft Corp.

Employment History

Director, Knowledge Management & Change Management -Mincom

2009 – Present

Knowledge Management & Change Management with focus and drive for developing organizational maturity in Customer Service through:

–          Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning

–          Change Management

–          Intellectual Asset Management

–          Risk & Scenario Planning

Additional duties relating to management of:

–          Outsource and Offshore capabilities

–          Budget Control e.g. reduced Internationalization budget of >$2M by two thirds

–          Customer Retention

Leading global shared services for Knowledge Management, Change Management, & Organizational Learning,

–          Designed and occupied role of Director of Knowledge Management and Change Management to bring about a globally coherent and coordinated approach

–          Rolled out Knowledge-Bases to improve first-call fix rates, and field-consulting self-help (next step customer self-help and call deflection)

–          Rolled out Content Management to reduce duplicated effort and document errors

–          Initiated Communities of Practice to share solutions between divisions, provide stability for subject matter experts, and develop thought leadership

–          Selected, implemented, and rolled out corporate-wide Learning Management System to increase diffusion of knowledge, and leverage single processes for micro-certification – saved estimated $500K USD in cost through use of open-source and cloud-computing

–          Initiated learning programs including mid-level management-development and assorted induction programs to increase leadership skills and cooperation utilizing $180k eLearning budget.

–          Built certification framework for global technical operations to provide improved quality and global process standardization.

–          Created and deployed Metrics & Analytics to monitor and achieve KPIs

Controller of global outsourcing and off-shoring programs for Support and Maintenance

–          Control and P&L analysis of $4M outsourcing budget – reducing costs and increasing utilization

–          Developed Knowledge Diffusion Programs to learn from business partners

–          Controlled ramp-up and ramp-down cycles to build offshore capacity and capability when needed, and reduce costs as required

Director Customer Support Services -Mincom

2005 – 2009

Led a multinational team of highly-skilled support and product-maintenance professionals as Regional Support Director (North America) and acting Global Support Director.

–          Implemented customer satisfaction and retention programs and increased referenceability.

–          Initiated targeted ongoing-education efforts including customer self-help tutorials, and weekly staff learning sessions to increase staff capability

–          Implemented a customer contextual-feedback program to learn from customers

–          Directed metric-improvement processes and knowledge management activities to increase customer satisfaction and meet ISO audit requirements

–          Revised and modernized support contracts to reduce variation and lower risk

Support Manager – StorePerform

2004 – 2005

Managed global level 1-3 Support and Maintenance team.

–          Built offshore team to increase capacity and provide extended support coverage.

–          Implemented initial Knowledge Management processes, and ongoing professional development for support staff.

Enterprise Support Manager – Baan 1998-2003

Managed international support and consulting team for Africa region, and acted as situation-manager for global customer turnaround projects. Customer Advocate.

–          Implemented in-sourcing using African Region to provide lower cost coverage

–          Designed and initiated changes to global Target Implementation project methodology to include supportability milestones and activities and reduce risks and cost over-runs

–          Implemented Kaizen/Lean-Principles Continuous Improvement processes to reduce support costs and improve customer satisfaction, retention, and referenceability.

Program Manager Mining & Heavy Industrials – Dimension Data

1997 – 1998

Responsible for revenue generation and market development of Mining and Heavy Industrials.

–          Quota-bearer for support, software, services, networking, environmentals, and hardware, designed and executed sales plans

–          Collaborated with vendors and technical staff to provide networked IT solution to operational and business problems and opportunities

–          Built strategic relationships with vendors and customers, industry groups.

–          Built & Maintained technical library, “Lessons Learned” Knowledge Base, and pricing calculator.

–          Maintenance & Support contracts

Program Manager – Mining, HealthCare, & Education – Denel

1994 – 1997

Responsible for revenue generation and market development of Mining, Healthcare, & Education.

–          Quota-bearer for support, software, services, networking, environmentals, and hardware, project management of network installations.

–          Designed and executed sales plans including 3rd party maintenance

–          Hands-on work with vendors and technical staff to provide networked IT solutions for operational and business problems and opportunities

–          Built strategic relationships with vendors and customers, industry groups.

–          Built and Maintained technical library, “Lessons Learned” Knowledge Base, and pricing calculator.

Prior to 1994

Networking, Environmentals, & Large Systems CSE  – Unisys

On-site Large-Systems Customer Service Engineer for critical governmental and academic computer sites.

–          Responsible for 1st-3rd line on-site Customer-support: Mainframe hardware, Servers, and system-software for Large Systems customers.

–          Quota-bearer for design and sale of computer facilities, security systems & access-control, fire systems, etc.

–          Design of datacoms and networking solutions, and project management of deployment.

–          Quota-bearer for media, consumables, and third-party maintenance contracts

–          Development and Maintenance of technical libraries

–          Development of audit processes, and provision of billable computer environmental audit services

Avionician – Atlas Aircraft Corp

Instrumentation Avionician with duties to provide 1st-2nd line support & maintenance of Aircraft Instrumentation, Air Data and Autopilot computer systems, and Sense & Control Systems.

–          Maintenance of onboard navigation, auto-pilot, & air-data computer systems

–          Field maintenance of fixed-wing jet and prop aircraft avionics and instrumentation systems

–          Workshop maintenance, repair, and calibration of instrument systems

–          Laboratory rework of instruments

–          Maintenance & calibration of Test Equipment


Contact details will be provided on request
Customer Referees will be provided on request

Name Title Company Relationship
VP Mitrais Business Partner
Manager SkillSoft Business Partner
CEO ValueLabs Business Partner
AVP ValueLabs Business Partner
Support Account Manager Baan Colleague
Director of Marketing Mincom Colleague
Director Mincom Colleague
Director PMO Mincom Colleague
Director Customer Support Baan Direct Manager
VP Customer Support Baan Direct Manager
GM TechOps Mincom Direct Manager
CIO Mincom Direct Manager
EVP R&D Mincom Direct Manager
EVP R&D Mincom Direct Manager
Global Director Bus Dev Baan Indirect Manager
EVP TechOps Mincom Indirect Manager
VP Sales Mincom Indirect Manager
Domain Manager Mincom Subordinate
Domain Manager Mincom Subordinate
Product Architect Mincom Subordinate
Fin & BI Support Specialist Mincom Subordinate

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